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Mayuri & Raviraj

Mayuri & Raviraj Mayuri and Raviraj, colleagues turned sweethearts, found love amidst office emails and shared projects, turning their everyday work routine into a short but sweet love story.

Amshula & Chinmay

Amshula & Chinmay Amshula and Chinmay buried in textbooks and classes, found love in the midst of medical chaos. From nervous first-year students to confident professionals, their journey from white coats to wedding vows is a simple yet profound tale…

Mitali & Govind

Mitali & Govind In an arranged meeting that sparked a connection, Mitali & Govind embarked on a journey from strangers to life partners. Their arranged marriage unfolded with simplicity, blossoming into a tale of companionship written with shared laughter and…